County Coaching

Warwickshire Coaches

The following County of Warwickshire Coaches can be contacted by individuals or clubs for Archery Coaching
Discipline Codes: R – recurve, C – compound, L – longbow, X – crossbow


Dave ReddingSenior Coach and County Coaching Organiser for Warwickshire07824 443
Carol Byde Senior Coach (RCL)015 4325
Tony LuffCounty Coach (RCL)024 7667
Carol BrownCoach (RCL)012 1443
Terry EvansCoach (RL)017 8926
Clive Ettritch Level 1 (R)016 0866
Denis Folkard Level 2 (RL)019 2674
Derek Kelly Level 1 (RCL)07706 774
Martin LanceLevel 1 (RCLX)012 1788 0124
Phil RavenscroftLevel 1 (RCL)078 1136
Geoff Bilton Coach024 7646
Wendy BairdCounty coach level 3 (RCL) 079 7690
Geoff BestonLevel 2 (RL)024 7638
Dawn GodingLevel 2
John AllderLevel 1 07725 464
Jordan AshfordLevel 1 07956 803
Nick MitchellLevel 1 07733 100


Coaching Courses

Level One Coaching Course

Next Course TBC

A grant for the cost of the Level One course place will consist of 50% of the course cost, which will be paid back over twelve months to candidates who pass the final Assessment, subject to a qualifying criteria being met. Applications for the grant being to the County Coaching Organiser.